Monday, December 17, 2007

Elsie's Reflection On 2007

Here's My Reflection On 2007 Check It Out On You
Tube & The Team 14 Blog As Well Here's The Link

And Here It Is:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Inquiry Evaluation

I Think Our Team (Elsie, Penny, Anna & Emma) Did Really
Well We Worked Well Together But We Got A Bit Stressed
Out With The Filming We Were Having Teacnical Difficulties
But We Got There And It Was Fun Creating A Movie Together
But We Still Need To Do A Bit More Editing.

Next Steps:
Maybe Next Time We Could Be A Bit More Organised
Because We Went To Go Get Started With Filming And We
Didn't Even Know How To Work The Camera And It Wasn't
Even Charged So We Need To Be More Organised Next Time

Team Work:
Again I Think We Worked Well As A Team But We
Need To Learn To Just Keep It Simple Because
We Got Stressed Out With The Fact That We Had Put
All Our Costumes And We Couldn't End Up Filming!

So That's How Our Inquiry Went!
By Elsie

Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Essay Evaluation

I think my essay was well written but it was a bit un-polished and it could use a bit more work because it was a bit repetative like it had quite a lot of the same sentence starters so it was good but it can use a bit more work so i'll do a bit more work on that

Persuasive Essay-My Essay On Why The All Blacks Shouldn't Be Fired


The full time whistle blows and this is a shocker, the All Blacks have lost the quarter final game against France and they are out of the world cup.
Intro, Final & Rugby

Dear New Zealand Rugby Federation,
I’m Elsie & I am writing to you to give my opinion about the All Blacks Coaches getting fired. One man bet 5.8 Million on the All Blacks winning the game and part of that is probably because they know the coaches have amazing skill. I think it’s bizarre that after one game they get fired. I mean I know it’s the world cup but still it’s a couple of jobs gone. I bet the coaches are devastated that they have now lost their jobs as rugby coaches to one of the best New Zealand Teams.
Opinion, First Subject/Segment/Opinion

The All Blacks have come this far in the world cup with the same coaches every game. In four years time we might not have all the players that we do now and we most definitely won’t have the same coaches next year for example Graham Henry has been a coach for at least one year and a great one at that.
Coaches, Irritating

Since France won the quarter-final everyone has been suspicious that the Ref wasn’t being as fair as he could have. Some people are even saying that he was the reason that the All Blacks lost and have evened rumoured that he was only 24 even if he wasn’t he still was being un-fair.
Ref, Fair

So I think that the coaches should stay because:
-They have been with us for a while
-They are great to the team
-Have trained them well to come this far.

So listen to me please don’t fire the All Blacks coaches
because they have trained the All Blacks very well I mean look at
where they are now.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Key comps reflection-draft


I Have Learned To Really Consintrate On The Person I'm Listening.
I Have Realised That I Wok Better When I Have A Time Limit Because I'm Determined To Finish The Work Because If I Don't I Slack Off.
I Have Improved On My Goal Setting Because I Am Setting More Challenging And That Are Harder For Me To Complete.
I Have Improved On My Self Motivation Because I Have Really Learned That Self Motivation Is Motiation It's Self.
I Have Definitely Become More Self Responsible & Have Taken My Actions Seriously And Have Taken Them Extra Seriously When There The Wrong Choice.
I Have Learned To Care About They Other People Around Me And They Will Give Care Back
I Have Learned As A Yr 6 That Were Role Models So We Need To Show Respect To The Others And The School Environment.
I've Become More Creative This Year I Think The Wearable Arts Helped And I Started Doing An After School Art Class.

I Think I Need To Become More Flexible With My Work And Homework.
Next Year I Would Like To Come In The Top 25 People In The Cross Countrey
And I Need To Start Focusing On It.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Term 4 Goals

Personnel Goals:1.For my personnel goal
This includes school aswell
Is to be more self confident
because I have been saying things
like "oh i'm not going to make it"
and I did so that's my personnel goal
and I think it's important
to have self confident.
How Will I Achieve This?
I will probably get better at things
that i'm not good at becauase of
the things i have been saying so
if I had not said those things
I would probably be better at them so
if you say i'm not going to make
it you won't but if you say you will you will.

Term 4 Goals

School Goals:2.Because it's my last term at
primary school I want it to be
the best so to do that I am going
to get involved in everything I can
like receptionist mediators and
things like that.
How Will I Achieve This?
I will have badges and some sort of
visual proof